Our photos are printed on aluminum or on canvas. You will find them sealed with a lamination to provide a matte finish which prevents unwanted reflections.
Custom-printing options such as acrylic prints are available on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist with a custom non-binding quotation.


The Aluminum Print

The Ultra HD Metal Print on aluminum uses Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima paper which is tailored to meet the demands of Ultra HD. It provides maximum luminosity ­– highest contrast and highest resolution paired with extreme definition and great light-resistance.

The surface is laminated with an UV protective film which makes the print even more resistant to light and even holds up against LED spotlights.

The backing is a 3 mm (0,118’’) thick aluminum Dibond. Dibond ensures maximum stability but weighs very little. On the back of each picture you will find integrated aluminum rails which serve as wall-mounts. If you would like to mount your picture in a shady room which has little to no reflection you may choose a glossy finish. This option is not recommended for pictures with black tones though.


The Matte Canvas Print

The Matte Canvas Print and the Textile Canvas Print are both wrapped on stretcher frames, using a premium print valued for its rich, luminous colors. Using a highly advanced, 8-color Inkjet printing technique, the pictures maintain their brilliance for decades. The inks are encapsulated in resin, which makes the print waterproof and smudge-proof.


The Textile Canvas Print

The Textile Canvas Print is a special option. The fine, smoothly woven fabric of the canvas has a subtle texture with a velvety finish. The fabric is resistant to small splashes of water but not waterproof.

Only non-toxic textiles awarded with the internationally recognized Oeco-Tex Standard 100 are used.


The Framing

We carefully select the best framing for each picture individually. We use the black oak frame, or a black or silver aluminum Slimline frame if we do not leave them unframed all along. Selections are made based on the best possible interplay between frame, surrounding and image to strengthen and maximize the artwork`s impact.

If you would like to discuss different framing options, again do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist with a custom non-binding quotation.